Thursday, March 01, 2012

Deep Deep Breaths

Our day started with an IEP meeting for Ricardo that he skipped followed by another meeting to discuss the others who are not showing up for class or doing their work in school. WHile we were in that meeting, one of them was tardy to class. Sigh.

I then came home and carefully printed out, line by line, Rand's expenses and income because he was oversleeping for the 3rd time this week. When he has his hours cut at work he does things around here to help pay for his room and board. He has a meltdown. Every. Single. Payperiod. For example, two weeks ago I showed him a print out saying that he owed us $253.00. He knew that he had a school bill of $221.00 or so that we were going to pay. He knew his check was $194.00. But today, when I tell him he owes us money he claims that we are stealing from him.

It's a good thing my medication slows my blood pressure way down. ;-)

I'm heading now to speak to two high school classes about foster care and adoption at the "other" high school in town. I'm not exactly looking forward to that as large groups -- say 10 or more -- of high school students are a bit scary and I'm sure with the massive amounts of entertainment that they now carry in their pockets that I will be beyond boring.

But I'll use the technique I use often -- I chant the words to myself, "I can do anything, no matter how unpleasant, for 45 minutes."

I just wish the light at the bottom of the stairs was working so that I could have gone down to wake up Rand at 11:30 instead of having to yell down the stairs. My voice is feeling very very scratchy.


How many times do I end my posts with a sigh?

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A lot, lately.