Friday, March 09, 2012

Is the Campus Portal App Broken?

According to my Iphone app all of my kids made it to first hour on time, so I'm now questioning whether or not the app is broken! I keep telling myself to get rid of the thing because it is causing me stress.

(For those of you who don't know what the Campus Portal App is ... it is an Iphone App for the high school that connects me instantly to anything a teacher puts in the computer -- any time they have a missing assignment, every time they turn an assignment in, every time they are tardy to class, and every time they are absent from a class. With five kids at the High School I get text messages on my phone all day long).

It's been especially annoying lately because Sadie has been choosing school as her adolescent battleground and it's not pretty. In addition, Tony has decided he is pretty much going to end up in high school another year anyway, so he is skipping classes and not turning in assignments quite frequently. Now that Ricardo is not living with us nor in wrestling, he is skipping many of his days as well. So I get many many messages every day.

I think my reason for keeping it there is that it is one of my few connections to Ricardo even if I can't do anything to influence him. That probably sounds weird but I do miss him and like to somehow keep track of him.

Bart got the kids off to school so I could rest this morning and at this moment I feel better than I have in a few days. For those of you who are worried about me, don't be.

I did take a few minutes to talk to Bart about my funeral last night (I know, I know, telling you not to worry and then talking about my funeral in the next paragraph is kinda dumb). I enjoyed picking hymns and telling him that I wanted my friends to stand up and tell the funniest story they knew about me. I called Kari, who reluctantly agreed to do so if she didn't have to prepare a powerpoint or have handouts. Bart says he's not singing a solo and that nobody asks their spouse to do it. With all of the negative responses I got to some of my ideas, I'm wondering if I should just make a video to be played where I conduct my own funeral so that I can make sure it's being done right.

But it's more than likely that I'm not going to die, so no worrying.

Maybe we can see if I can hook up to the Campus Portal and you can receive notes about me every hour to let me know if I'm where I'm supposed to be or not? Would that make you more or less anxious?

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Tracy said...

Praying for you Claudia.