Wednesday, March 28, 2012

From a Well-Lit Noisy Hotel Room in the NorthEast Metro

Everyone is up and we are getting ready to go. Dominyk is being his naturally annoying self... Bart is being his placeful parent self ... Wilson is giggling at them and poking fun at me and I'm just longing for quiet.

My facebook status the other day was a quote from Dominyk? Did I tell you about it? I can't remember. He said,
"I'm not intentionally annoying you. I'm just a naturally annoying person."
True dat.

Very productive but exhausting day yesterday. Morning of shopping and working followed by a great interview/collateral meeting by a county team that awesomely presented a challenging child to one of my families. I love to see really good casework being practiced!

Another meeting was followed by dinner with Kyle and Christy which was fun enough... and then it was almost time for bed.

Heading back to the real world today.... much to do, mind spinning, planning, thinking, dreaming like my old self. Dr. appt tomorrow. Hoping my heart rate has a normal sinus rhythm. That would be great news!

And we're off....

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