Monday, January 25, 2016


As I mentioned yesterday, this transition is taking a long time.  It's not a bad long time, it's just a long time.  

Today the pod came with our possessions.   We ended up having to give away a lot of stuff because the pod wasn't big enough (my error).  He, Tony and Wilson left my townhouse in Brookneal to head to Danville to unpack.   I worked half a day there and then came up to my Lynchburg office because I need to pick up Jimmy at 7:45.

You should see this house!  It is really big and completely symmetrical.   Two single women had it built so that they could share a dining room but have their own homes.  So it's like a duplex with one entrance and a shared dining room.  You walk in the large foyer and then you can go in one of two directions.  You can head to the right to a formal living room already furnished (the picture above) or to the left to another living room (family room) where we will put the TV.   To the left of the family room is a nice study which Bart is going to love.  To the right of the living room is a sunroom.  When you head back you will find two bedrooms, quite large ones, and two bathrooms on each side, as well as a kitchen on each side that is joined together by a wonderful, formal southern, huge dining room.  Since we love to entertain this will be awesome.  We have already invited new friends for dinner Friday night and I have a friend from my past coming up on Saturday.  Yay!

Each kitchen has it's own small table, and there is a huge screened in porch that faces the backyard.  There will be enough room there for our large dining room table, so in the summer we can eat outside on the porch, facing a nice backyard.

The house is old, kind of dated, and smells a bit musty, but it is HUGE and we are excited about a fresh start there.  It looks like for now I will be there from Thursday night to Monday morning, and then spend three nights in my townhouse on campus.  We will see how that works out.

Tonight I am heading now to grab something to eat alone (a bit bummed about that), and then out to get a TV so that we can get cable and internet hooked up.   Then I'll head to get Jimmy and go and spend the night there.

There are a lot of moving parts to our now "small" family -- the dogs, two places to live, two offices for me, two for Bart (one at home and one at the church) a new school for Wilson, etc., but we all continue to feel good about it.

Meanwhile work is challenging and fulfilling with good things happening by the day.   I remain exciting to be here.

Thanks to everyone for your prayers.  God continues to answer.  

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