Monday, July 19, 2010

A Book Recommendation

An online friend, Kat, who sometimes comments on my blog, sent me this information and asked that I pass it on to you:

I highly recommend the book Hold Me Tight by Sue Johnson. Nothing to do with "holding" therapy, not even anything specific to do with adoption - but I think a great resource for adoptive families. It is directed toward improving marriage relationships, and is based in attachment.

Here's her base site:

Knowing the stress that parenting traumatized kids can put on a marriage, this is an excellent book for adoptive parents. It's also great for those kids with unresolved attachment issues that then grow up to have trouble in relationships. Not only that, I think it's also a great intro to attachment for any couple where one of them (or even both) are not really on-board with the ideas of attachment, the Beyond Consequences or regulatory parenting approach.

There's a group in your area:

The main or originating center for this work is in Canada:

I think folks involved in this would be a fabulous asset at adoption support conferences... and since you are involved in or speaking at lots of them... I thought I'd pass this on to you. :-)

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