Wednesday, March 02, 2005

The Bleach Incident

Shortly after starting the blog today, I headed downstairs to change yet another load of laundry. Heading to the basement I smelled the distinct smell of bleach. Knowing that I had not used any that morning, I immediately knew we were in trouble.

Lo and behold, someone had set a bottle of bleach on top of the washer.....and the shaking during the spin cycle tipped it over, causing the lid to pop off and bleach to splatter.... all over the dirty clothes on the floor .... leaking on top of the washer.... and then into the washer ruining the load of dark clothes inside the washer, which of course, were the "only pair" of dress pants for one child, a dance outfit for another, yada yada...

but it smells REAL clean in the basement....

Just another day at our house....


The bloginning (beginning of the blog) finds the Fletchers with 7 children at home -- our oldest at college and two more in out of home placements due to escalating behaviors. Life at home is fairly peaceful ... but only in comparison.

I just returned from Texas about a week ago after speaking in three Cities (San Antonio, Austin, Houston) about large families as a viable option for waiting children and about matching. It was a good trip and went well, but has certainly increased my workload for Adopt America. (

I am slated to speak again in Florida in April, and in Pittsburg in August, and have decided that maybe it is time to actually finish the book that I've started so that I have something to sell when I speak.

It's my intention to post chapters as they are done. I suppose people could even give me feedback!