Wednesday, April 29, 2015

God is Good.... All the TIme

So it's been a while since I've blogged.  The interface for Blogger has even changed and is confusing  me.  But here I am.

And where is here?  I'm in a hotel room in Nashville, Tennessee.  The Leadership Conference for Bethany Christian Services just ended and I'm again basking in the goodness of God.

I haven't had time to blog for a long time... in fact, I've been lots of places since I last blogged.  I've been to Grand Rapids, Michigan three times . I did stand up in Seattle at Refresh the end of February and right in Minnesota a couple weeks ago.  I've been to Rapid City, to Sioux Falls, and to Waukesha twice.  I've been to Atlanta.  And I've been at my desk a LOT.

But I wanted to blog right now because I am so thrilled to be who I am and where I am.   I miss blogging and I am so busy I seldom do it.  I always vow to start again, and then I blog once, and then I disappear for six months.  But it's' funny how that works.

But I love working for Bethany.   The way that we work together to impact over 100,000 a year and all kinds of families is amazing.  We are getting ready to start a foster care program and are really excited about this venture.  We have a strong and growing post-adopt program with therapist who are adoption competent and who I think are phenomenal.  

And I love being a regional director, even though I referred to it in front of everyone today as being like the boob in the mammogram of life.  A bit risky probably, but it was received well.   I love to be part of something with such a great impact at a high level of management.

I am also going to blog this hoping that he will never see it, but I'm having the time of my life having one of my best friends as my assistant director.  I loved being able to show him a glimpse of "Big Bethany" this week and introduce him to so many people that I love.   Working with him makes every day an adventure. My administrative assistant/office manager has become one of my favorite people.  Just hanging out with her makes me smile.  I'm also so incredibly grateful for the rest of my staff.   They are hard-working, committed, awesome people. 

I'm also, as always, very blessed to have Bart as my partner in this journey.   We have been married almost 19 years now and every step has been an incredible adventure.  We have been through the unthinkable and survived again and again.

I suppose that you would like an update on the children.  I will use their initial so that these posts are ungoogleable at this point now that they are almost all adults.

K and C are doing great.   Their son, baby Silas, is now almost two.  They are both teachers and Bart loves being a nanny on Fridays.

R is living at home and working at Holiday.  He has reconnected with his birthdad and he and his wife are amazing people.  He is meeting other members of his birthfamily.

M is home some nights.  His life is still pretty chaotic at his own admission.  Aiden's mom brings him to church a couple times a month and it is always fun to see him.  He looks SO MUCH like M.

J lives at home as well and works at Taco Bell and a manufacturing company.  His son Isaac is 4 and a half (can you believe it) and we don't see him as much as we wish we did.

Jimmy who would never care if I blogged about him is now 23 and works at Culvers and still lives at home.   He pays rent and is proud to have more money in savings than we do.  He is helpful around the house and very seldom causes us any problem.

S and her two kids moved to Florida a couple months ago.   I miss Gabby and baby Carlos.  Rumor has it they are going to be moving to Puerto Rico to be with Carlos' dad for a few months any day now.

Ricky is in Mankato.  He lived with us for a few months after getting out drug treatment, and then moved back to Mankato, went to jail, and we haven't heard from him since he got out Easter Weekend.

Sadie is in her own apartment and working as a nanny and a PCA.  She has a great boyfriend that we really love.

T is living in Alexandria with his fiancé Taylor. We see them once every couple months and hear from him often.

L is in college and living at home but plans to move out this summer.  He works as a PCA.

D is graduating this year (we really really hope).  He has had a challenging year.  His OCD has been pretty painful for us as his current obsession is stealing our money, checks, credit cards, etc.  We are hoping he will be going to job corps this summer.

Finally, W is 16, a freshman in High school, gets good grades, wrestles and plays Lacrosse and has a busy summer of mission trip, camp, and driver's ed planned.

I work a lot.  Our church is doing well.   We are grateful to be in a place where even though there is occasional drama, we have a great deal of peace in our lives.

I'm very grateful.  This hasn't been an articulate post, but I have learned so much from the life God has given me.  I am beyond blessed.

Maybe I'll post again sometime soon.  Maybe.