Monday, August 02, 2010

Twenty Two Free Minutes

I slept in this morning because Kari ditched me for the Y again. I really didn't want to go, but knew that I would need it today.

Fortunately, the girl wasn't in the basement bed with the "adult" son, but she was in the bed and he in the couch upstairs. Better, but still not what I want. ANd I picked up Jimmy for summer school to find that his ears had been pierced by this "adult"son who has now assisted 5 of the 9 children younger than him in breaking the rules of the house. I think we are pretty lenient. As soon as you are 13 and have money to have your ears pierced professionally, you may do so. However, if you have it done another way you have to wait until you turn 18 and then you still have to have it done professionally. Tattoos we won't sign for -- when you're 18 you can ruin your own body if you wish. Until then, I'm not giving permission. Of course who needs signing when your older brother will do it illegally? Sigh.

Then I had to take care of a traffic ticket for another child. By "taking care of it" i mean loaning the money, but I still went over there and wrote the check. And that made me feel like a bad parent. I hate getting cornered into things that don't represent my parenting values, but I also have to manage my energy to fight the biggest battles.

Now Tony and Dominyk are both here and fighting like they have since the week DOminyk moved it and 9 months when Tony was 2. Tony decided to read my blog all this summer, which is fine with me, but then has decided to hound his siblings about everything that I blogged about, annoying them to no end. "So, Sadie, I hear you snuck out of your room." Hey, Jimmy, I heard you said some really retarted things." "Hey Dominyk....." You get the idea.

So I told Tony I may have to report everything he does for a while. Told him I might have to start a blog just for him and all the things he does in a week to disobey the rules. I could list them for you since his return on Friday night, but I only have 22 minutes.

I have a busy few hours -- Dr. for a rat poison check (Warfarin, in case you're not following my pathetic health saga), then take Sadie to work, pick up Jimmy from school (he's old enough to have his brother pierce his ears, but can't walk 1.5 miles home from school, an irony I certainly pointed out to him multiple times in my mini fit this morning), and then I'm taking Courtney to lunch to plan the baby shower. I then HAVE to get some hours in at work so if Tony and Dominyk are still alive by then (Dominyk's PCA is on vacation) I may have to bribe Dominyk with pop to get him to spend the afternoon at the Y.

And then, if we are all still alive by 5, I anticipate the arrival of my husband, who though he will be tired, will be HOME. And then maybe I can exhale.

If you spent your time reading this thinking that I'm a pretty sucky mother, then it's probably because I'm feeling like a pretty sucky mother.

And now my 22 minutes are up...


Lindy said...

If you ever find the magic pill that makes teens behave in a manner that reflects how they were raised let me know. I will pay you big bucks (if I had big bucks.....will you take an IOU???)
In other words,your doing the best you can,just like the rest of us.

GB's Mom said...

You are not a sucky Mom- just overwhelmed by soloing. This too will pass.

Rose Adoption Journey said...

YEah...J wanted his doc to give him a pill that would MAKE him behave. Doc said..I would be a trillionaire and not have to work anymore..too bad will just have to work at it until you get it right!

You are NOT a sucky mom!! I'm not either!! (-;'

Joni said...

Hey so I was just wondering if you ever feel like you need a vacation from yourself? lol I've felt like that a lot 1ately, and I don't have ANY kids. Just a whole meriad of health problems, and 2 cars neither of which work and need about $5,000 fix it jobs a piece! and I'm going insane. Can't imagine all those kids and everything else you have on your plate. Keep you head held high and pluggin along. My hope is that someday in the future you can look back and say it all paid off in the end ;) Here's some bloggy love sweetie!!