Saturday, June 25, 2016

Wish you had the perfect boss?

Have you ever wished you had the perfect boss? Or have you ever wished you had a different boss? Sometimes the relationship between an individual and their supervisor isn't always perfect.

Now, I am honeymooning still at PHFS, and I have (in my opinion, you may not want to ask him :-) ... a great relationship with my boss. I have no complaints. He's awesome (and I'm not just saying that in case he reads this).

But that hasn't always been the case. I have worked for some fairly interesting people in my past.

Last night at our church's VBS program, we met the father of our church organist and he said something I had never heard before. Well he said several things I'd never heard before, but one of them that I can't stop thinking about is this:

If you want a perfect pastor, pray for the one you've got.

Wow. We are all quick to want the easy way out -- pray for a switch! Pray to get someone new. But praying for the pastor we have -- or the boss we have -- or the spouse we have -- that's a whole different story.

As a boss, I know I will never be perfect. But I can tell you that when I have people that I lead who are supporting me in prayer, it makes me better. And I think it makes them better too.

So today if you find yourself wishing for the perfect boss... or the perfect spouse... or the perfect pastor.... pray for the one you've got.

It will change them and it will change you!

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