Monday, March 23, 2020

How am I? Part Two

Apparently brutally honest is what people like to read.  Had more visits to my blog when I opened with a promise to be brutally honest than I have in months.

Or it could just be that everyone is really, really, really bored.  Or on social media way too much.  Which, what's the point really?  It's not like anyone has anything new to say and everyone is talking about variations of the same topic.  Yawn.

But anyway, here's how I am.

First of all, not to be alarming or anything, but at this moment I'm feeling pretty odd. It is not the virus, so don't go there. Anybody else have AFib?  I do.  And it means that I am on medication to slow my heart rate.  And lately my AFib has been pretty stable, and my heart rate is getting lower.  According to my google research, my pulse right now is that of a highly trained, super fit athlete.  Except that I'm not a highly trained, super fit athlete.  So I feel pretty weird.   It happened yesterday morning too for a while after I took my medication.  It passed in about an hour.  But tomorrow I may not take it and see if that is what is causing this.  I'm certainly not going to the doctor -- and I'm actually not that sick -- I just feel like my world is going really really slow.   I better perk up a bit before I have to go live.

Which is what I came to the blog to tell you about.  Today at noon EST we are going to be launching CarePortal.   We launched a month ago in Roanoke and that was such a fun event.  Over 100 people there.  Lots of media hype.  Tons of energy in the room.  You know me -- super confident in front of a crowd.

Not so much in front of a camera.   Sigh.

Nevertheless, you should come check it out.   You can go to Facebook and see it on the Vision 30 page or you can watch it live on YouTube.

Come on and check it out.  I'd love to hear your feedback!

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