Monday, February 08, 2010

I am totally at the vortex of a whirlwind

School got out at 11 and 11:25 respectively. I had the brilliant idea that we should use this time to change rooms. Of course, the first step needs to be Tony taking his stuff out and being cooperative. Of course, that is an impossibility and he is turning it into the hugest hassle ever. My stress level is sky high -- to the point that my only possible way to survive these moments is to blog.

Until Tony cooperates, nobody else can move. I have a lot of decisions to make about what is going where and I am frozen with kids who are asking me questions. Doing this today was a really stupid decision. But now that I've made it it has to be carried through.

We had offered Mike the opportunity to come home if/when he gets out of jail. He had a hearing today and will be in jail for another 54 days or something like that.

We are beginning to think that we need to insist that Salinda come home at least for a while to try it out. Giving guardianship to someone else just does not seem like a good idea. And she herself says she's not ready to get married.

So I have been texting Salinda, talking to Bart from the courthouse, and parenting a whole bunch of kids who are off their schedule. And on top of it I decide we're changing rooms.

I may not survive. Ok, OK. So I will survive. But it isn't going to be a very fun day.

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Kathy's Korner said...

I'm glad you blogged. I'm only dealing with one kid with his biggest issue being he is 11.

It seems "snow days" means different things to kids and Moms. I thought, clean your room a bit, so its not a health hazard, and then play outside. He thought this meant, play with legos for 3 hours while irritating everyone in the house at the same time. And then through a fit when Mom says, no you can't go out yet....