Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Back Home

Jimmy is a very lovable human. He has a gentle spirit and he is kind (except to his brothers, but that's pretty typical). He can be incredibly "naughty" -- that's the best word to describe it -- even at 18, but for the most part he's helpful and easy to get along with. He's very curious and asks lots of questions.

He often says things that make me chuckle as he attempts to understand the nuances of the English language with his limited IQ. One of my favorites was last year when he asked why they wanted to name a restaurant after Leann's Chin.

Yesterday we were driving along the highway he said "I want to get some glasses that are exactly this size except smaller."

He's really fun to travel with. Of course, so is Wilson, who is quiet as a mouse with only a few pithy comments to make.

And Sadie was the driver. She's improving more every day. She takes it very seriously, tries hard to learn, asks questions, and is not over confident. I'm getting more and more comfortable in the passenger's seat every day. Tomorrow she'll have more opportunities to transport me.

On the trip this morning I did a lot of thinking about how to pull the pieces of my life back together. I realized that since my surprise surgery in February things have been very disjointed and I need to pull everything back together again. I need a routine, some goals, and some plans to get myself back on track again.

Part of my problem is that I always have something scheduled and think "I'll do that after I get back from ....." or "I'll start that after ....... happens" and then I never start. Maybe I'm just going to have to figure out a way to have a stabilized routine in spite of the comings and the goings. At least that should be the plan.

So here I am, back at home, ready for the next thing. A call That just came.

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nancy said...

Our newest English language learner came home on the next to the last day of school to tell me that three people got suspended. Her oldest brother exclaimed in surprise, "On the next to the last day of school???" Upon further questioning, we realized she meant that three people got perfect attendance in her class...and she was one of them. Oh. That's different. I'm just glad she wasn't one of the three who got suspended. Plus, I could have sworn she stayed home with a sore throat one day. I guess I was one of those bad moms who sends their kids to school sick.

Nancy in Iowa