Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I Like your Beard

A few weeks ago Bart heard this song (which will not embed so you'll have to click here). He insisted that it ends with "I like your beard" to which Tony argued profusely that it did not. To the point that Bart paid the 99 cents for me to download it onto my ipod to play it in the car and prove it. Since then, "I like your beard" has become Bart's favorite way to tease me. (OK, OK, so I have a few unplucked chin hairs. Who cares?)

Anyway, a couple days later, Tony said, "I found the video to the song and now I know why it ends with "I like your beard." She's sitting around the fire with some Amish guy. I made a screen shot of the You Tube to show you Tony's definition of Amish in the picture above.

JImmy has been refusing to shave his neck and it's gotten really disgusting. So last night when Bart said, "I like your beard" I said to Jimmy, "You know, he never says that to you because he doesnt' like your beard." "NO, mom, it's because he knows I don't DRINK beer."

Apparently for three weeks Jimmy has thought Bart was complimenting my beer. WHich I never have had a taste of in my life. I live in a hilarious world.

SO this morning, someone was messing with my IHome that charges my Iphone. They turned the volume way up and since I had played the song to the Coffees this weekend when they were here for dinner, it was cued up on the iPhone. I was jarred awake this morning by that very song and have had a headache ever since.

Last night we watched WIlson play baseball. He was quite cute and I have several pictures to share with you at some point -- although I promised I would not show the ones I took of him adjusting his nut cup.

Today I've already been to take Ricardo to summer school, taken Jimmy to see if they could fix his broken glasses, taken him to the dentist, and then stopped by to pick up Salinda's contacts. We're leaving for Luverne soon because I have a meeting there and a perm appointment tomorrow. I'm going to get there early so I can fit some work into my life. ALso, I'm taking the Ipad with the keyboard so I can work while Sadie practices driving which may or may not work out for me.

SO here you have it. Busy busy summer, eh?


brenkachicka said...

Haha - that was 3 minutes and 28 seconds of my life that I will never get back! All to hear "I like your beard." And yes, that is what she says. That guy does not look very into her.
And where are they supposed to be? Africa? America?
More questions than answers after watching that video.

Little Wonder said...

I think it's hilarious that the ad above your blog title was "Free Laser Hair Removal."