Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Bad Idea

Spending the night didn't turn out like I had planned. I was especially exhausted, the hotel room was on the second floor and there was no elevator, and the bed was so soft that I woke up several times very stiff. Wilson and Jimmy seem to a had a good enough time, and Sadie got to spend the night with a friend, so they enjoyed themselves. I didn't enjoy being away from Bart and I'm just not feeling all that great.

Jimmy broke his glasses and seems to think he can see fine with my old ones, even though they are pink. He actually looks better in them than his old glasses, but I think it's style rather than color. ;-) I have given up trying to explain why the prescriptions and vision is different and how it's not good for him and decided that considering the way he fixed the old one -- with scotch tape -- that I'd rather look at him wearing my pink ones.

Today I have a perm appointment (which I definitely need) and then we'll head back as I have a conference call this afternoon. I'll be glad to get back home.

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