Friday, November 18, 2011


Ever felt like you had been cursed? The last several months it seems that everything I touch in one of my jobs goes bad. Errors all over the place. It's just not like me. Other things in my life seem fine, but this one part of it is just nuts. Careless mistakes, most of them, but it's just not like me. I am starting to drive myself crazy.

Here are some updates from our unusual world for those of you who have been following our story and know all the characters.

Heard from Salinda yesterday. She is applying to a couple technical colleges in order to get good grades and prove she can handle a four year (she just finished her GED this fall). She is interested in pursuing a degree in criminal justice or law enforcement and has ambitions of being a jail guard, a probation officer, or an investigator like on CSI.

Courtney lost her job over a conflict with a coworker yesterday. Very unfortunate.

Leon is enjoying his new job. One of his best friends and his girlfriend both work at the same grocery store so it is a good match for him.

Jimmy continues to enjoy his job. He has to work very hard because there are a LOT of dishes, but I am sure he's doing a great job there.

And I am so scattered I forgot to finish this and hit publish.



GB's Mom said...

Courtney goes with Mike?

Claudia said...

Nope, Courtney is John's ex -- mother of Isaac.