Tuesday, June 19, 2012

They Did it and He's Here!!!

On October 12 of 2010 I was sitting in this same room waiting for Isaac to be born.   He was a little more cooperative than AJ is being -- I only had to wait about 90 minutes.  I've been here for 5 hours now after getting here and taking Mike to a PO meeting and to the store so he could buy a new phone charger.  She's been texting me periodically and Mike has come out a couple of times.

The last report she was dialated to 8 cms.... and she has been given her epidural.  So now we wait.  Her parents are planning to be up here in a half hour and I'm guessing they won't have to wait long.

I'm glad I chose to come even though some of my conversations with Mike haven't been exactly pleasant.  He is very anxious and exhausted because he hasn't been sleeping and when he when he gets tired and anxious he can say some kinda mean things.

Hopefully you will soon see pictures on Facebook and by tomorrow here -- praying all goes well.

No matter what the circumstances surrounding a birth, every baby is a miracle.



I must have not hit publish last night.  Sorry :-)  So....., I think I wrote that about 5:15.  Tessa's mom came about 6.  At 8:15 they told her she could start pushing... so her dad came over.  I was pretty entertaining for a while, but then I got pretty bored.  About 9:50 or so the doctors all came out of the room but nobody would tell us anything.  FINALLY at 10:15 we were allowed to go in for 15 minutes.  Turns out he was born at 9:30 but they had to stitch him up.

oh my goodness... this baby is CUTE.  He did not look at all like a newborn.  Perfect.... Tessa is breastfeeding so they now keep him on her chest, skin to skin, for the first two hours after birth without even cleaning him much.... but for a new born he was amazingly alert and calm.  He was wide awake taking it all in.

I was so proud of Mike.  At noon he had told me how anxious he was about the whole thing, and how exhausted because he hadn't been able to sleep, but he stayed in that room with only one twenty minute break for something to eat and he stepped out during the epidural because the doctor asked him to.  Otherwise he was in there from 6:30 to 11:50 and from 12:30 to 10:30 and beyond.

When I walked in the look on Mike's face was so serene.  He couldn't take his eyes of his son.

I got home at 12:30... but it was way worth the wait just to see him 45 minutes after his birth. 

So here he is -- 9 pounds, 14 ounces,  23 inches long, and his head is 14.5.  He has huge hands and it looks like the possibility of dark red hair though who ever knows with a baby....

Tessa was amazingly brave and calm.   We are supposed to head back down today or tomorrow to hold him and take some pictures....  Can't wait!


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He really is cute! Thank goodness everything went well.

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What a beautiful baby! And hooray that he's getting breast milk for now!

robyncalgary said...

congratulations grandma x3! and oh my word, a big BIG boy :) thinking of you and your family