Friday, September 28, 2012

How about a family update? Just in case you were wondering how things are with the kids.

Kyle and Christy closed on th house on theeir new house this week. He has tenure at his teaching job and she just got hired full time in the same district so they built a house! They are very excited ... I've seen pictures. It's really nice.

Speaking of houses, did I tell you we are closing on our Mankato house sale on October 23rd? This is a HUGE answer to prayer.... we secured a loan to pay off the third mortgage so by the end of the month we will have one mortgage and a loan instead of three mortgages. God worked it all out very well -- it just wasn't quite according to my timing. But it will be SO nice to have that done.

Rand seems fine. I haven't checked his account for a couple weeks so I'm hoping he hasn't spent the money he is supposed to keep for bills... but we hear good things about him from our Mankato friends.

John got out of jail! After being there since January, he got out on Tuesday morning about 9:00. At 11:00 Mike went back in for a parole violation -- something minor -- but it's funny that we couldn't go even a whole day without one of our kids being in jail. Apparently according to our friends Mike and Kari John is heading to meet up with Salinda. Maybe he is going to stay with her for a while. He hasn't called us. And I'm practicing the "out of site out of mind" philosophy with the kids that don't live here. I'll be happy to talk to them if they call -- but if they don't, I'm good. I am way too focused on my own stuff to get drug into drama I can't help with.

Mike being in jail postpones Aiden's baptism that we were looking forward to for October 7th. So we are back to square one with planning that.

Salinda and Gabby seem to be fine. I haven't heard from her in a couple weeks -- since the carnival weekend.

Sadie took her GED tests this week. She thinks she might have failed the math. I didn't want to warn her that that might happen because she would have just argued with me. But if you can't pass math from 6th grade on, the GED test might be a bit difficult.

Tony called and he "got in trouble" at Job Corps. Not sure what that means. But at least he's getting disciplined there by them instead of here by me. Makes a big difference in my stress level.

Leon is working hard in school -- can't say he's enjoying it but he's trying. He hasn't made many friends and misses mankato a great deal. Moving a kid between Jr. and Sr. years isn't easy.

Wilson seems to be fine. Says he is making friends. Is doing well in school.

Dominyk's going camping with his best friend Nick's family -- and Nick's parents happen to be our friends Deb and Nate. THANK YOU Deb and Nate!

We don't hear from Ricardo. It makes us sad.

The three grandkids are doing great as far as well know.

Life is good.... and I'm off to work!

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FerJeniB said...

C - Glad to hear positive things are happening for you. A little story about a boy moving between his jr and sr years - My dad did this by choice when his parents moved to anew district. He could have graduated from the school district he attended his entire career. However, he wanted more sports playing time AND he met a girl. I've always admired him for having the guts to do this AND I'm here because of that decision. 41 years later - he is married to that girl AND is the Head Basketball Coach at the high school that he left - from which my sister and I both graduated. The Lord moves in mysterious ways and Leon will hit his stride. - J