Monday, October 01, 2012


Sometimes you just want to hit rewind and go back.....

I had that feeling this morning. About 3:50 a.m. I was standing not exactly fully clothed in my bathroom trying to shove the faucet handle of the shower back into the wall to keep the water from pouring out like an exploding geyser as it also leaked on to the floor. I was going to fix it and not wake up Bart because he had an early flight and we were going to have to get up at 4:50 anyway. But I couldn't fix it and the bathroom kept getting wetter and so did I.

And I just wanted to be back in Mankato where we could turn off the water and call Mike (kari's Mike not our son Mike) and ask him to come over before work and fix it. But instead I had to call a plummer who can't come until tomorrow. And I fixed it -- but not completely. The water no longer gushes, but as long as the main water is on the shower is running.

It's now 7;10 and I've been up for 16 nad a half hours. And I'm tired. And I have a lot of challenges in my new job and there was a misunderstanding today making the "perfect world" i've been describing seem very imperfect today. And I wanted to hit the rewind button.

But fortunately I've learned somewhere in my 49 years that it all comes to pass. I've learned that some of the best advice I ever learned were the words my mother said to me as a child and young teen "get some good sleep tonight. It will all look better in the morning."

I've also learned that true friends never stop being friends even though locations change... and that new friends, while they don't replace old ones, expand us and make us better people.

And so even though tonight I'm very tired, missing my husband, missing running water, and wanting to go to bed, I recognize that tomorrow will be another day.

But for a minute there it would have been nice to rewind to a different era.....

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Celine said...

I had the exact same kind of day, today. Thanks for the well-timed post.

-A long-time lurker/occasional commenter