Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Abiding might just mean being fully in the present

That didn't go so well. On both accounts. First of all, my resolution to blog every day lasted all of 2 days.

And I guess me stating that I was made of rubber just jinxed me becuase I was in tears on Thursday... and Friday... and Saturday... and Sunday. For some reason Tony pushes me to a place I don't even know how I get to... some irrational spot that I hate being in. And yet I follow him there every day it seems.

On Monday I left and came to Philly where I have been in meetings with my fellow branch directors of my "region", a group of very amazing people let by an even more amazing guy who never reads my blog so this can't be considered brown nosing. It was a great couple days.

Right now I'm sitting in my hotel, finishing up the last bites of a room service Philly steak sandwich. My plans are to relax and go to sleep as early as possible because I have to be up and downstairs by 4:40 to fly back and head straight in to work.

I tried turning on the TV. Oh my goodness is that just the most boring boring boring thing ever -- it's depressing and annoying. All those channels and nothing that sounds good at all.

So I'll work a little longer and then maybe watch something on my Ipad or play a few cell phone games, maybe checkout Facebook.

Bart is in Orlando so I'm waiting to at least say hi to him and try to get to 8 p.m. before attempting sleep. I know, i'm old.

Missing my kids, my husband, my friends but have learned over the years how to enjoy alone times when I have them.

One of the biggest insights I have had this past couple days comes from a devotional the boss shared with us yesterday about abiding in Jesus. And I realized something that to me was profound.

I have lived most of my life with my head being in a different place than my body. Always looking ahead or behind, or to some place other than where I was, I wasn't really enjoying the present. But I realized yesterday that God is here -- in the now. He lives with us where we are at. He wants us to be where we are, to take it all in and enjoy it, and to celebrate it with Him. If we want to abide in Him, we need to be where we are.... be fully present, because that's where God is.

Maybe that's a better resolution than the blogging thing since that didn't go so well.

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