Thursday, December 31, 2015

The Next Chapter

So I started this new blog and I want you to read those entries too.  Of course I do.   I am so excited about reconnecting with bloggers and my blog readers again.  It has been a long three and a half years.

So head on over, and check it out.  Some of it will be review for you, but I would love you to lead the way with comments and begin the conversation.

One of the things that I have found with those of us who are "old" and have been doing this a long time is that we often disappear from the scene and stop connecting with adoptive parents.  It is as though we have concluded that we have "been there done that" and that we don't need to help the next generation of parents.

So let's join together and share the wisdom of the last decade with those who are new to all this..... that next generation.

Come on over to The Next Chapter (but don't forget to keep reading here too!)

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