Tuesday, January 19, 2016

And then there were 3, maybe, I guess we'll see this evening....

One of the things that Dominyk and Wilson were so excited about when we decided to move is that we were all going to move away from the drama of their older siblings.   We had found housing for everyone, and they were on a continuum of stability, but we really felt good that things were going to stay stable.

I am not sure why we entertain that fantasy.

Tony has been in a relationship for two years that ranges from kinda healthy and stable to toxic and dysfunctional with a capital D.   We saw them at Thanksgiving and Christmas.  They had gotten engaged over Christmas and we thought they were doing fairly well.

But Tony is getting on a plane to come here today because it got so bad I started to fear for his future. I certainly am not going to go into details, but her family even got involved calling and telling me that they needed to be away from each other.   Of course, the truth is somewhere out there as to what really happened, but as of Sunday night she was never getting back together with him because of several heinous things that he has supposedly done.  They were done for good and forever.... until we purchased the ticket last night.  Then suddenly she was calling him telling him not to go.

So possibly tonight I will be picking him up -- if he gets on the plane and wasn't convinced to stay after all.

Our family is made up of people with attachment issues and high anxiety so I am not surprised that people are freaking out.  I just figured that Bart would get here before the stream of kids began to arrive.

But we will be just fine....

So many things worse than this have happened to us that this barely makes the charts....

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