Friday, January 29, 2016

Space, Space, God's Space....

Oh wait, Was that supposed to be grace?

I know I haven't blogged this week... not for four or five days I guess.  It may have to do with the fact that i have driven 452 miles between trips to the airport, my two offices, and the parsonage.  Or it may have to do with the fact that my days have been packed.  Or the fact that I'm not sleeping much.  But here I am, back again, not sure that i have much of value to say.

But I am working from home today... home being the parsonage.  Jimmy keeps calling the parsonage "dad's place" and the townhouse "mom's place" on Facebook.  People probably think we split up.

I have mentioned to you how much space is here and you are invited to come check it out.  But you really need to understand our history to know why this space is such a blessed relief.

We bought a small house on purpose the last time.   We figured if there wasn't room for our adult kids to move in they would find another arrangement.   That didn't happen.  Instead we had kids on couches and in the laundry room and grandkids on the floor.

It got to the point that Bart and I never left our bedroom unless it was to cook (him) or eat (both of us with the kids).   We stayed in our bedroom.  His desk was in our bedroom.   I sat on our bed as there was no room for a chair there.   Our dining room table wasn't big enough for everyone many Sundays...

So here we are.   We have a bedroom that is only our bedroom.  We have a guest room.  We have a lovely sitting room and a family room with comfortable furniture.   We have an office where both our desks are.  We have two small kitchens with tables big enough for the four of us who live here.  We have a dining room with a table bit enough to hold 18 with the leaves in -- a HUGE one that with the leaves out seats 10 comfortably.   We have a back porch big enough to put our table in there.  We have four full bathrooms -- we have never had more than 2.

So this morning while Bart and I were quietly working in this office I was just thrilled with the sense of space.  I could work in the office.  Or we could go in the family room together.  We could sit in the sitting room together.  We could sit in Kitchen 1 if we wanted to.  Or kitchen 2.  Or in the dining room.

I think you're getting the picture.  Speaking of pictures, my soul feels like the picture above....

Space at this point in our lives is a very very good thing.

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