Saturday, February 13, 2016

Anybody Remember This?

My time hop indicated today that I was getting out of the hospital 6 years ago after surgery for a blood clot in my arm.  I also had one in my heart.   It was a scary time -- it reminded me of my priorities.  It made me much more grateful.

I also remember that I found myself incredibly funny during my week in the hospital.  I felt fine, but any of you who have had blood clotting issues know that you have to be there until your INR number is correct before they will discharge you and it took me a long time.  Thus I was in the hospital with nothing to do for a week, which more than likely made the staff crazy.   I thought I was hilarious.

So, if you were NOT around during that time (or if you were but are needing a reminder of just how hilarious I am, you should check out this blog entry....

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