Friday, May 13, 2016

A Hymn in the Style of "The Message"

Have you ever thought it would be nice to have hymns translated into familiar words like The Message translated Scripture?

Here’s my words for you today! Not perfect, and done quickly, and even though there is no rhyme or tune, here’s how I translated a hymn into words that might make more sense to you.

Hey you…. who are following Jesus ….
you have a very strong foundation on which to build your life!
It’s God’s awesome word!
What else can He say that He hasn’t already said
to those have run to Jesus to be safe and secure?

Don’t be afraid, and don’t get bummed out!
I’m your God and I’m going to help you!
I”m going to give you strength and help you to stand up through anything you face
because my hand — my all powerful hand — will give you grace as I hold you up!

When I call you to walk through rough waters up to your neck
and you feel like your tears have created a river of sadness,
it won’t overflow!
Because I’m going to be there with you to bless you in the hard times
and make sense of your deepest valleys, using them to make you holy.

When it seems like what you’re going through is burning you up
My grace, which is completely enough, will be constantly available to you.
The flames won’t hurt you… I’m just fulfilling my plan
to make you better and stronger like gold after it has gone through the fire.

The person that has leaned on Jesus for rest,
I will not… get that… I will not …. leave to be overtaken by the enemy
That person, even though all of hell tries to mess with them and get them off track
I will never — seriously, I will never…. and I mean never….. leave them.

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linette said...

I learned to LOVE this hymn from Prof. Rogers. He was such a kind and sweet man.