Tuesday, May 10, 2016

The View Beyond the Next Turn

I grew up in Colorado, so this may make more sense to me than to others, but mountain driving in the Rockies involves a lot of trees, a lot of paying close attention the road, and a lot of twists and turns. But often there is one turn that suddenly gives an awe-inspiring view. If you have been on the road before you remember that view that was just around the next bend, but you aren’t sure exactly which corner it is. So you wait for it. You make the turn, and that’s not it. Your focus goes back to the road, to the trees that surround you, and you wait till the next one that seems like it should be it. But that isn’t it either. This can happen multiple times and you’re tempted to get frustrated — and you start to question your memory. But then it happens. Sometimes when you least expect it you turn the corner and see something like picture above.

That’s what I feel like the last three months have been for me. I know that God is working to do amazing things and I know this one last curvy turn will be the one that shows us the view. But I get around that one and realize that there is yet another turn ahead. So I keep going and there’s another turn — certainly this is it, but no.

The important thing though is that I have been down this road before with God and I know that He always comes through. Sometimes when we least expect it, BOOM, it’s there. His handiwork — beyond beautiful — in our lives.

So I’m determined that I am going to keep driving. I’m going to pay attention to the road, I’m going to enjoy the beauty of the trees and rocks around me, and I’m going to wait for it. There is no way that I’m stopping or getting out of the car, I’m just going to keep driving.

I invite you to take this approach with me. Keep driving. Because one of these days, there is going to be a breakthrough and it is going to be “Exceeding abundantly above all we can ask or think.”

You watch, you wait, you’ll see.

Here’s a song by my buddy Steve (OK, so I’ve only met him once, but I’m sure he remembers me and thinks I’m awesome :-)

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