Wednesday, February 01, 2017

One Month Into Bullet Journaling

I must admit that bullet journaling is changing my life.  And I am going to tell you about it because I want it to change yours.

So, one month ago i started my first journal.  I knew NOTHING about this until the week after Christmas and now I found out that it is everywhere.  The Facebook group I am in has 97,000 members.... it is all over Pinterest .... instagram has tons of people who have their whole channel dedicated t it and the number of blog entries is endless.

So why is it so cool?  Because you track.  literally.  everything.   There is nothing that can't be tracked.

There are a lot of pages that I have chosen not to create that many others have.  For example, I do not do a page per month.   I don't find that necessary.   I do not track my moods -- I am pretty much in the same mood every day anyway (Bart says it is one step away from b****y).   I don't track the netflix episodes that I'm watching because Netflix tracks it anyway.  I don't drink wine, so I'm not tracking the kinds I like or don't like.   I did not do the 30 day ab challenge either :-).   I don't have a cat so I don't track what kinds of food it will eat and I don't need to track assignments because I am long out of college.  But the cool thing about a bullet journal is that there is an endless number of possibilities.

So, in case you're curious, here is what I am doing in my journal:

I do a weekly spread for every week that is basically my calendar and to do list.
I have a page to track my work goals for this year.
I have a page of books to read where I color them in once they are read.
I track my steps compared to the goals that I have set for myself (in two different ways)
I track my blood sugars and my insulin.
I am memorizing Philippians so I track that.
I am going to read/listen to the whole Bible this year, so I am tracking progress there.
I'm writing two books this year, so i have goals that pertain to that.
I'm tracking my weight loss.
I have a list of movies that I want to see some day with the dates when I see them.
I have a page where I am putting my "ebenezer" stones to celebrate God moments.
I have a "Deep Work Wednesday" page for thoughts on what to do then.
I have a Finish Well Friday page for my top three things on Fridays
I have habit trackers for each month (one of my favorite and most helpful pages)
I have a list of blogging ideas.
I have a highlight page for each month (another one of my favorites.
I have a list of my best ideas for January, but I didn't have many, so I may not repeat this page.
I have a meal planning page because I have been helping Bart with cooking.
Bart and I went an entire month without going out so I tracked our spending savings.
I have Lectio Divina pages for my Wednesday night Bible Study.
I have a  Month in Review page to look back and ask what worked, what didn't and what I need to improve.
I have a new challenge to not spend any extra money in February so I get to color in a dollar sign for every day I don't spend anything.  (there are a few exceptions like essentials -- gas and groceries for example)
I have a page that has a box for all of the 22 boxes we still haven't packed in the last year since we moved.  I figure we can unpack a box a week for 22 weeks and be done.
I have a sleep tracker because Bart and I are trying to figure out what conditions help us sleep.
I have a goal for us to have 21 unique meals from different countries this year.

I may be forgetting a couple, but you get the idea.   The possibilities are endless.

Now, you may be thinking to yourself that if I spent all that time making those pages I probably didn't get anything else done.  But the truth is I have had the most productive month in recent history in January.

I also knocked three things off of our bucket list after going months without getting any of them done.  We had more fun in January than we have had in months as well.

There was also the perk of spending time with Gabby, who also has a journal, and Salinda who has started one.  We work on them together and it's super fun.

So.... I'm sold.   Anybody else trying this?

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