Saturday, February 18, 2017

Summary Saturday

So, this year I have started a few new habits to give my life rhythm.  In case you are unfamiliar with how my life is right now, let me give you a glimpse:

I have two homes, three offices, four desks, and two vehicles that I am utilizing every week.   For the first 8 months of my job, my schedule changed every week.  From one week to the next I was in various places and nothing was consistent.

So late last fall I determined that I was going to have a set weekly schedule.  So, it goes like this:

  • Monday morning I leave the parsonage in Danville where Bart and the kids live for Brookneal (about 60 miles)
  • I spend the night in Brookneal.
  • Tuesday morning I drive to Lynchburg (36 miles, but takes almost an hour because the roads are ... well, you'd have to drive them to get it).
  • I have back to back meetings all day in Lynchburg.
  • Tuesday night I drive back to Brookneal.
  • Wednesday I have meetings in Brookneal and then in the afternoon I leave for Danville in time for Wednesday night supper and Women's Bible Study at church.
  • Thursdays I spend in Danville, catching up on email, paperwork, and other projects (and as those of you who work a day from home each week, usually get more done that day that any other.  Since our daughter's schedule changed and she has Thursdays off, Bart and I have been trying to take Thursdays to have a date night.
  • Fridays I have meetings in either Lynchburg, Brookneal, or another site where I'm networking or meeting with people outside the organization.   I try to take one Friday a month off to do a day trip with Bart (because he has Friday's off).
  • Saturdays are family days and time for me to catch up on personal projects.   Today Bart and I are going to meet our favorite college professor and his awesome wife for lunch a couple hours from here (it's half way for both of us).  It's on our bucket list.  :-)
  • Sundays are kind of a marathon as we head for church around 7:45 and don't usually get home til almost one.  I have started cooking Sunday dinner so we eat at home and then until it's time to babysit Bart and I occasionally try and take a drive or go to a library, but sometimes we just sit and do absolutely nothing but read, watch TV and simply relax.  

I know, I know, you don't care about all that, but this is my blog :-)   Remember, I blogged before blogging was cool, so I can put whatever I want here.  If you want to click off it, it's your choice :-)  And I wrote it to make a point.

Since I started having a pattern and intentional rhythm to my life, I have found myself a lot less stressed.   I feel way more in control of things too.

Starting to bullet journal has added a whole new dimension to intentional living and I'm loving it.  So part of what I've done is to use some alliteration to develop some themes for people at work.

Marketing Mondays are a constant reminder to my staff that we need to schedule time to do client marketing.

Too-Busy Tuesday means that I'm in meetings all day and too busy to make them do anything.

Deep Work Wednesday came about after I read the book "Deep Work."   I encourage folks to take 45 minutes completely free of distraction to think about something in particular and make some plans.  It has really helped me to intentionally grab time to focus at least weekly on some of the issues.

Thursdays are up for grabs but SPOILER ALERT -- I'm thinking of taking the advice of a coworker (Thanks Danika) and calling it Thankful Thursday.

Friday is #FinishWellFriday where I encourage myself and my team to pick three things they don't want hanging over their head and then get them done.   I think it's starting to catch on with others, but I know it's really helped me.  I love coming into the weekend with my worst "to-dos" done.

So, all that to say that today I decided that I would use my Saturday blogs to do a summary for myself and you if you are interested of the past week.  

Here are some highlights of my week:

  1. I had some good meetings this week and remain super excited about the way that my team is growing at work.   It is not only growing by bringing in new, awesome employees, but each of the members of the team that have been around for a while are continuing to grow and become sharper and smarter, going deeper and getting better.  I love being part of this!
  2. Bart and I got to spend some extra time together this week, including dinner out and the movie "Lion" which of course, we found meaningful.    We also had dinner alone last night as well and get to spend the day together today.  He really is my favorite person and I love making time to hang out with him.
  3. I had arguments/discussions with Tony and Dominyk this week that seriously made me want to bang my head against the wall until it bled.  Talking to them gets me nowhere and I'm not sure why I continue to engage.
  4. Carlos gave me several unsolicited hugs this week, which warms my heart.  He's such a unique little boy with a charming personality.  Gabby was delightful as always.
  5. I found out that I have a friend going through some serious health issues, and my mom had a pacemaker put in unexpectedly yesterday.   My mom is fine and in great spirits.
  6. I continue to find new ways to make my bullet journal meaningful and to live more intentionally.   Some examples include Bart and I cooking around the world by choosing recipes from different countries; being more motivated to read books and articles; intentionally choosing movies and TV shows, and doing more to help Bart around the house.
  7. We have regular contact with our kids -- Christy is great to snap chat pictures all the time of those three grandkids, and we talk with Courtney at least weekly.   Sadie texts almost every day, as does Jimmy.  We hear from Leon and Rand frequently as well.   
So, there's my summary.  Probably only here for me to read in the future, but in case you were wondering, there you have it!

And now I can cross of my list that I blogged today in my bullet journal!!!

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