Friday, March 23, 2018

Fully Alive

What does it mean to you to be fully alive?  Maybe it means noticing every good thing around you -- nature, relationships, fulfilling work, and celebrating it daily.  Maybe it means experiencing the heights and depths of this life without running away from the hard times that always teach us more than the good times.   Or possibly you have your own definition.

This verse in Habakkuk 2 (the Message) tells us how to get there ... how to get to fully and really alive:

“Look at that man, bloated by self-importance—
    full of himself but soul-empty.
But the person in right standing before God
    through loyal and steady believing
    is fully alive, really alive.

Be in right standing with God, be loyal, believe steadily.     It's a place that we can live in most of the time, but once and a while we recognize that something has slipped and we need to head back there.  Being fully alive, which sounds exciting and adventurous is actually made possibly by things that sound relatively boring .... loyalty and steady believing.

I invite you today to do those things which Scripture say make us "Fully Alive."  

Will this age me if I say this is the way I remember them?

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