Saturday, March 24, 2018

I'm ready!

Today is the day.  And I'm writing about it everywhere because I have told so many people about this 2.6 mile marathon that I'm walking/hobbling through this afternoon.

If you aren't on Facebook you will miss out on all kinds of updates like this one:

One hour from now, on this very chilly morning, I will be walking 2.5 miles. Five months ago I don't even dream of that possibility and here we are. I know that I will be in a great deal of pain, but I believe I will do it and am stronger, lighter and have more muscle than I did back then. I feel a lot better too!

THANK YOU to everyone who sponsored me and encouraged me on this journey. This very morning I broke the barrier I had been stuck at and have now lost over 20 pounds. I couldn't have done it without you.

Stay tuned to Facebook for live videos and updates during the race. Once it is over I will post one more time and then close down these updates ... for this year any way.  

I'll save the emotions for that post (assuming I can crawl to the computer this afternoon :-)

And if you are a person who was waiting to see if I actually did it before you sponsored me, you can do that this afternoon. Or you can do it now as a statement of confidence!

Or this one:

Ready for the day.
Neosporin with pain relief recommended by Beth Van Deusen Swenson for my foot pain.
Very cool Contigo Autospot Water Bottle my daughter Mercedes Lee Soto Fletcher bought me.
Finished some Kashi cereal on the food plan by my very cool and super many trainer Dave Gluhareff who was recommended by my friends Ralph K. Hawkins and Cathy Hawkins.
Bombas socks, my new favorite thing. (If you've never tried them, I can get you a discount.... let me know).
All of the support and enthusiasm of the 125 folks from all over the country and from all different periods of my life who have donated to sponsor me and to help kids and families. I would tag you all, but that might be exhausting and soak up my energy
The example of people like Mary Beth Bova-Burgess and Mercy J. Clements who have done so much more than this and been my inspiration.
And looking forward to being surrounded by my amazing husband Bart Fletcher and my granddaughter, my daughter, my grandson, and my amazing friends Cathy and Kelly, mentioned above, Michelle Cox LarkingKen Larking, and Nicola Parrish
Finally, I've got a really big God who has been with me through all of my journey. 
Can you think of anything else I might need?

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