Sunday, November 02, 2008

And the Technical Nightmare Continues

I woke up at 6:45 which, because of the time change was now 5:45. I devised a plan that might get my stuff transferred onto this computer so I could get some work done, but it has been one frustration after another for over 2 hours.

The kids don't have to be up for another hour, but of course they are. We have three extra people here and it's an usual day so there is a little tension in the air, but so far things have gone OK. In about 90 minutes we'll be leaving for a morning of confirmation activities and hopefully things will go well.

This afternoon will be busy returning everyone to where they belong and regrouping for tomorrow.

And tomorrow may hold an emergency trip to the nearest Apple store (about 80 miles) to get the Iphone fixed and a trip to the computer store to drop of my computer.

And possibly while I"m up in the Metro area, maybe I'll see if I can get this lap band filled. I'm making no progress on my weight loss whatsoever.


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