Tuesday, November 04, 2008

listen here, buster....

All the roads around the elementary school are torn up in our town right now and it is mighty irritating. in fact, most of the roads I have to drive on are under construction and have been since school started.

I had to take 8 kids to school this morning and that meant that I had to listen to Tony talk non-stop trying his hardest to make me scream. By the time I had nearly reached my limit, I made a wrong turn and had to get a non-verbal talking to from one of the guys in a hard hat.

His non verbals said "Can't you read the sign, stupid lady?"

And my shrug said, "Sorry, I got confused"

And his look said, "There is no excuse"

And i stopped looking at him, but my head said, "DO you have ANY idea what I've been through already this morning, you smug thing? Do you want me to threaten you with acts of violence?"

ANd I drove away.

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