Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Better Write Now....

...before my rare settled and good mood is altered by something!

Things have gotten a bit better since I last wrote. I apologize for my sporadic blogging -- I've been cramming way too much into the day. Yesterday I left immediately after I got the kids off to school and headed to my office and hour from home to participate in a conference call and meet with a prospective adoptive family. I then pushed myself through several projects that had been waiting for me before heading to another home visit.

During the day I had had a very good text conversation with Sadie who at least momentarily has realized how important it is for her to stick it out at Job Corp. I also had a not so great conversation with Tony who is convinced of the opposite, but I finally got him to understand that I didn't want to talk about him quitting quite yet...

When I arrived home Mike had arrived from prison, which sounds so much different than what a person would expect. I'm guessing that prisons may have several kids like my son in them -- confused, disorganized, impulsive, but not hard-hearted, evil, or dangerous. He's gained about 30 pounds of muscle since we last saw him.... and he was in good spirits. He was appropriate, grateful, and nice to everyone. We always enjoy this stage of the cycle.

I slept well and am facing a day where I get to have breakfast with one of my favorite people and lunch with another one of my favorite people. The cardiology appointment in the middle doesn't sound as fun, but there is also a possibility that I might get to sneak in a few minutes with Isaac between there because Bart is watching him. Courtney got a new job yesterday and is going to fill out paperwork this morning -- she may start tomorrow. It's a CNA job.

Other good news is that even though Salinda is struggling with loneliness and not getting along all that well with Henry, she did get promoted to shift lead at Dairy Queen yesterday and got a raise. She is also working part time at Super America so she is dead tired most of the time, but she feels a lot better about herself than she did when she was laying around watching TV.

A week from tonight we will be sleeping in our new home. It's going to be a very busy and long week of packing and tying up lose ends here, but we will survive.

Then the fun of getting things settled begins. Don't know if I've mentioned it or not, but Jimmy has asked if he can go to Job Corp as well so his interview is on Thursday. I didn't think he would qualify because he wasn't adopted from US Foster Care and thus didn't have an MA card. He already graduated as well. But it turns out that having an IEP means that he qualifies based on his own income not ours, so he will qualify. He is hoping to go to the Center where Tony is in Wisconsin.... and we're hoping Tony will agree to stay at least long enough to help him get acclimated.

Long days, short nights, and lots to do, but as my husband keeps reminding me, happiness comes from within -- not external circumstances.

But having nice external circumstances sure doesn't hurt. :-)


Paula said...

I don't know why the rules for Job Corps are so different up there, but here, in FL, and also in MO, the kids had to go on our income and didn't qualify. Even though they were adopted and had MA cards and were on IEP's! It would have been a great thing for one of my daughter's, but they said she'd have to live on her own for 5 months with low income and then go back and reapply.

Claudia said...

Yeah, I've been worried about talking about it too much so I don't jinx it and get them unqualified. But here we have been told that any kid with an MA card or an IEP qualifies on their own income...