Thursday, June 14, 2012


So.... life is a whirlwind....

This morning I volunteered to lead the Task Force for Permanency in Minnesota and they agreed to let me. I'm not sure anyone would view this as an honor, but I'm excited about it's potential. There are a lot of great minds in that group as well as some very passionate people who really want kids to be adopted. I'm looking forward to the future and seeing what is going to happen when that group puts it's mind together.

We are still without internet at home. But the people are coming tomorrow between 2 and four and after that we should have internet, cable and phone. Then I have to fight with AT&T because there is no way I'm paying as much for phone service as I am now when I can't get a signal in my own home....

Jimmy got into an argument with me and I threatened to turn off his phone. He stomped out of the house and so now I'm not turning it off... until he comes back. I'm pretty sure he won't be gone long.

Leon and Wilson are with me ... Wilson is kind of wishing he would have listened to the conversation when asked him if he wanted to come. I had already told Leon we were just heading over here to get online and use the wireless.

So Leon is fast and furiously connecting with friends on his phone and I am trying to catch up on answering the 145 emails piling up in my box.

We had fun with Mike and Kari last night. If you are able to access her blog you shouldn't read it. She has such little discretion. :-)

Sadie came over for dinner and the evening. It sounds like she is doing quite well -- she actually won a cooking contest competing against several others who had been there for months so she's pretty excited. She has plans to finish quickly and move home -- I'm still thinking about that. Don't need anyone here who isn't planning to be cooperative.

Jimmy wasn't this afternoon so he has apparently run away. Except that he's 20, so hopefully he'll figure out he needs to come home. He's much braver than he should be -- but he usually sneaks in soon after he leaves.

Yesterday our son Mike put a deposit down on an apartment. His son AJ is overdue now by 2 days. Tessa is going to the doc tomorrow and they will talk about whether or not they will induce next week if he doesn't come.

We are supposed to be having the kids come home Saturday to celebrate Bart's birthday.

I'm feeling quite disjointed -- overwhelmed with work stuff this week -- Bart doing most of the unpacking. I need to get busy helping with that as well.

So many things I've been waiting to do as "soon as we get settled." I forgot that it was going to take so long to get settled. I'm ready to start doing and stop settling!

Hope all is well with everyone. I haven't even been able to read blogs for a while. :-(

I'm going to start filling up my calendar with new friends, old friends from Mankato, and old old friends from long ago. it's all good....

but I'm a bit disconnected from even my own reality....

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