Saturday, June 02, 2012

Should I Whine?

Sorry -- not sure this is going to be that fun to read....

By the time we closed on the house yesterday, I was emotionally spent. It was as though I had been running a marathon (if a person could do that sitting down) and just crossed the finished line with no energy left to celebrate. It had been a really difficult and stressful procedure to get the banker everything she needed... and by 9:06 they were still missing one document even though closing was scheduled for 9:30.

However, by 10:45 we were proud owners of not only one, but two homes, since we haven't sold the other one yet.

Thursday I had taken Wilson and Leon to see their new schools. The schools are very large and while neither of them are typically very negative, they were having trouble being very positive about the schools. I picked what I thought would be a very nice lunch place for them and spent more than I should have only to have them say they didn't like it. The day actually had some fun moments, but over all it was kind of a downer.

One part that was particularly awkward and funny was when the guidance counselor at Leon's school said, "Do you have any older siblings?" To which Leon responded and said, "yes." He said, "Do you have any that you want to emulate? Someone whose path you'd like to follow?" Leon sort of chagrined said, "Not really." When I asked him later about Kyle he said -- Oh, I kinda forgot about him. All I could think about was Mike and John in jail and everyone who had babies and stuff."

So we got home Thursday night and Sue and Kari came over and we went through a huge number of boxes to separate trash from keepsakes and clothes to give away. It was a wild few hours and I fell into bed exhausted only to wake up and head to the closing. The night before and the morning were spent with more texts from Tony about how the program is not for him and he needs to come home. Reports were that Sadie wss doing better - the counselor texted me and I hadn't heard much from her so I figured she was doing better. But all the texts coming in are a lot -- there is also pressure from John for us send him more money.

So if you happened to see me crying in the Davanni's lobby in Golden Valley (yes, where Obama was yesterday at about the same time) yesterday noon, now you know why.

I came home and was going to nap but there was a need for emails to be exchanged with an attorney friend to get the ball rolling to switch over some financial stuff for the mortgages on this house so I never got my nap. We headed out to dinner -- just six of us -- all in the same vehicle (WEIRD).

Came home to a meeting with our potential buyers that went very well -- then basically sat and stared at the walls for a while until I went to bed.

Slept a long time.... but woke up to a call from Job Corps that Mercedes was missing this morning when they did bed checks. Since she is a minor they had to notify me. Of course I was worried -- she's in a big metro area and of course she wouldn't pick up when I called.

And I also woke up to a text from Tony -- long and involved about how he is only staying a month.... I'm having a hard time with him giving up so easily. He has a history of quitting everything he does and I was hoping that he was finally ready to make something work instead of scheme on how to make it fail.

WE found out yesterday that Jimmy qualifies for Job Corp. I really would like to give him that opportunity-- but I am not sure if the other two are going to either quit or get kicked out if I can make myself do all the paperwork that is required for a 3rd to try. Not to mention the the humiliation of the possibility of three kids blowing such a great chance in a good program. Hope is a nutty thing sometimes.

Today involves a few more trips to the landfill and a trip to the library to get rid of books (I actually got Bart to be willing to part with a few) and hopefully finishing the attic.

So, whine whine whine. I know. Sorry.

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Kathleen said...

In my experience, Job Corps is pretty good about second and third and umpteenth chances. Both of mine that went thru their program took forever... and the second one was on the verge of being kicked out I don't know HOW many times. Actually did get packed out at least once to give him a few days to think things over. Both eventually finished.

It's tough for them, you have a lot on your plate right now, and probably your move is affecting them even though they're already away from home. Hang in there.