Wednesday, June 13, 2012

OK, This is Way Too Stressful....

I typed out a very long email last night with my fat thumb on my little Iphone keyboard.

It never published. My Blogger App for my phone, though it couldn't manage to publish it, did just let me email it to myself.

it said this:

I'm sitting at the dining room table in our new home. I am surrounded by full packed boxes. I am tired. .

The DirectTV guy came to do the installation and couldn't because we have too many trees. We are back to square one for tv.

The Internet company made an error and is now saying we might not have Internet for another week.

We ordered digital phone service. Awesome idea except it doesn't work if you don't have Internet.

My phone only has a signal in a couple rooms of the house.

So... Our completely digital world isn't working so well.

Our oldest son Kyle came over to help move furniture. I love him. He makes me smile. Considering the fact that we didn't have a civil conversation from the day he moved in at 11 til after he turned 15 it's nice hanging out with him. He's turning out to be a contributing member of society, married to a great girl, making plans to build a house and has tenure as a 6th grade teacher. It's fun to be with him now.

Mike is still homeless. AJ his son (Aiden Jay) was due today. He has made no indication that he's interested in coming out.

Tony is still texting his angst from JobCorps. Sadie is still living as if no rules apply to her.

I had an all day meeting for my job today. I'll be blogging more about that.

I'm tired but happy to finally be here.

I'll be happier when we have Internet.


OK, so now it's Wednesday afternoon and we still don't have internet. I have a ton of stuff I need to do and I spent the morning dealing with the fact that there was water backing up in our basement. Several phone calls later that explained to us that the Home Warranty we purchased didn't apply to drains.... we ended up calling a guy who was happy to stop by and for a mere $180 fix the problem.

I also spent the morning trying to get figure out a TV/internet/phone option. Ended up having to cancel all of the stuff I originally ordered and try to order new stuff. It's still not done.

Right now I'm sitting in a Caribou coffee trying to figure out more about all this stuff... I can't even make phone calls from the house -- I spent most of the morning with my comptuter in the van and it kept honking the horn. That was annoying.

At lunch time the kids burned a pizza and the fire alarm kept saying FIRE FIRE... with words.

Mike and Kari are coming for dinner and picking up Sadie on the way. Bart is going to make us a dinner. That is going to be nice. I hope I have patience for the Sadie part of things....

I was up until 4:00 a.m. with my mind spinning with ideas after I met with the corporate guys and our Minnesota staff from Downey Side yesterday. I have so much I want to do -- so little time. I felt that the hours of great ideas were almost divinely inspired -- or it could have been that the waiter at B Dubs didn't hear me say CAFFEINE FREE diet coke.


My task tonight other than being with my friends and setting up Sadie's bedroom is self install cable and internet...

My stress level is pretty high. I'm kinda on the brink of insanity.

Hopefully my posts are going to get better.

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Kathleen said...

prayers and cyber hugs my friend!