Saturday, June 16, 2012

We. Have. Internet!!! Yay!

I feel like I have rejoined humanity. It has been a long week with way too many annoying phone conversations with people who speak languages other than English and being put on hold. Now before anyone jumps on me being a racist, I'm not. I actually have a very high tolerance for people learning another language -- I used to be one when I lived in Mexico. But I didn't sign up to do phone tech support in Spanish. Just sayin.

So I was on hold for the majority of several days and had many frustrating conversations and finally, last night by 7 p.m., we had TV, phone and internet.... although the phone service on our cells is horrible.... but we may be able to live with that. I just don't want everyone getting a hold of our home number and then calling it all day and night.

Our anniversary was last night. Bart is really getting the short end of the deal this year. He often does, but with the move falling the same week as his birthday, our anniversary, and Father's Day, he's not getting much attention. At least this year I remembered -- last year I saw his birthday on Facebook -- it was Jimmy's graduation day and life was super hectic too -- but it was nothing compared to this year.

Had a great conversation with an amazing woman from our new conversation over lunch yesterday. I'm excited about the things that we talked about.

Salinda, Gabby and Sadie are home for the weekend and Kyle and Christy are coming tomorrow. Tessa is scheduled to be induced on Monday if they have an open bed... anybody know about how many hours it takes after inducement for the baby to be born. She's going in at 6:30. I'm not planning on going until mid day. Think I'll miss it?

I suppose I could just invite my Mankato friends to come hang out with me in the hospital waiting room ... I know, I've got some astonishing social skills.

I have as many new ideas as there are people in this city.. I'm sure you'll be hearing way more about them soon.

Today we are planning to celebrate Bart's birthday and possibly buy bikes and rollerblades for the boys here who want them.

As always, we are trying to take one day at a time with the ups and downs of it all.

But even though the changes are hard, I love the energy they bring and I've been idling really high lately. So you may be grateful if you haven't been around me.

If you're in the Twin Cities and a blog reader, let's meet in person! Email me at maeflye at mac dot com and let's put something on the calendar.

Or, if you're from Mankato and are now "old friends" or somewhere else and coming up soon, let us know. We'd love to have you for dinner. Actually, we'd love to have you over for dinner. I'm not sure having you for dinner would be very tasty.


mainiac said...

For me, after being induced, it was 28 more hours so I'm thinking you have a good chance :)

owlfan said...

How long it takes for a baby to be born after inducing can vary wildly. My first was induced and it took him almost 28 hours after they starting inducing. I think that is considered long. The dr had predicted more like 12 hours. Just be prepared to wait if necessary.