Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Can't Think of a Clever Title

Not that very many of my titles are clever, but this morning I got nothin.

Yesterday we got a lot accomplished. I pushed through several more work projects while we watched Isaac and packed. Rand came over as it was his day off to help us pack as he had agreed to do. Was nice to have someone else to drive to goodwill and the land fill and drop off more loads. Had a delicious dinner -- Mike joined us and Courtney and Isaac had stayed for dinner. Then Bart and I went for a drive and a little walk together in the evening at Minneopa

. It was a beautiful night.

Tony is still very homesick but we didn't hear a word from Sadie yesterday.

Today we are having lunch with Mike and Kari. Fun times ahead. We are going to Grizzly's, a place where we have had many a good laugh and good meal in the last 6 years. I was thinking this morning that while Kari keeps saying that they are going to miss us, we are going to miss them more. These guys are the most amazing, self-sacrificing, servants and I just know we will never be able to replace them. We will definitely still see each other a couple times a month if not more, but it's not like we can just call at the last minute and say "did you make dinner already? why not come over?" or "Hey, it's Sunday morning at 6 and we have no hot water... can Mike come over and fix it for us." Eighty miles isn't that far but it's too far for those kind of things.

But I"m so tired of good-byes and thinking about how I'm going to miss people. It seems like two years since April 11th when we announced we were moving.

Today's agenda also includes (hopefully) getting our driver's licenses changed if they will do that here and getting Jimmy's ID -- as well as getting his paperwork all done for Job Corp as his orientation and interview are tomorrow.

I also hope it involves getting a couple more work projects done. I just have three or four left and I'm too a point where I can stop stressing about it.

So much left to do -- so little time left. Five days from right now and the truck will be coming....

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