Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Things are So Nice at the Moment

This morning I had some hours to spend in my office and then had lunch with a blog reader (hey Hilary -- GREAT meeting you).  The lunch was awesome because Hilary gets a lot of what she needs to get in order to adopt -- something she is hoping to do.  So it was really fun hearing her dreams and helping her take the next step forward.

Since I was leaving early and I knew that Bart was going to be gone all morning, I left a note for the four boys who live here all the time asking each of them to do a few things around the house before I got home.  Bart's mom and a couple of his aunts are stopping by sometime today on their way back home from seeing his sister in New York. 

I came home and the stuff was all done and the boys were all quietly occupying themselves.  I'm sitting in my office getting work done and the house is blissfully quiet thanks to electronic stimulation.

I have myself calmed down in regards to Tony's return and some ideas of how to help him move forward with the plan that is best for him.  

I also have a possible opportunity for something exciting professionally, so that always keeps me distracted from being anxious about other things.

It's nice to have days like these.  A nice clean new house,  (even though there are many unpacked boxes and several windows with no curtains), well behaved and cooperative teenagers, and a passion and vision much beyond myself guaranteeing that I'll never be bored.

Contented sigh.

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