Saturday, July 07, 2012

Our 4th of July: A Photo Essay

We braved the extreme heat to meet Mike and Kari and their kids to grill at the lake and let the kids go tubing.  It was really really hot and humid, and there were a LOT of people there.  Sue and Tim and Sue's mom stopped by briefly, but we hung in there for about 4 hours...   Isaac and Courtney joined us.

Isaac was smart enough to allow his mom to put sun screen on him....


unlike Dominyk, who I asked several times to do so because I didn't want to suffer the aftermath.  He didn't and we've been suffering the aftermath ever since as he has been obsessing about how bad it hurts.

Tony accused me of not reminding him to put any on even though he sat and listened to me tell Dominyk again and again that he needed some.

For the first time Courtney gave him some pop -- and the carbonation tasted funny.

So he was stuck with water -- a word he just recently learned to say and was able to repeat again and again all day.  He also repeated this game.  He would ask for a drink of my or Bart's water.  When he got some he would fill his mouth and then spit it on me, getting my feigned drastic reaction, to which I punished him by pouring a little on his head.  He then repeated that again and again and again (you know, patterned, repetitive somatosensory (thank you Bruce Perry).   If we weren't careful, he grabbed the cup and dumped it out all over himself.


He was as cute as ever and the whole heat thing was worth it -


Another highlight of the day was watching Kari completely snap because Ben, who refused to bring shorts, was complaining about the heat.  Yes, that's a hamburger turner.

So it was SUPER SUPER hot- we got to hang out with our BFFs and be with Isaac who is really the cutest thing ever. There isn't a lot I'd suffer like that for .... but it was way worth it.


GB's Mom said...

I don't see suffering, all I see is joy!

Angela :-) said...

Try lavendar essential oil for the sunburn. (Good stuff, not the cheap health store kind.)

Angela :-)