Thursday, July 12, 2012


Had company for dinner last night and then went to bed, deciding I was way too tired to stay up and finish all the paperwork for my meeting this morning so I would just do it when I woke up.  Except that after my shower I came upstairs to discover that our van was stolen.  Yes, our dumb 7 year old, 160,000 mile (but paid off!) vehicle was gone.   Very annoying.  I had to take Bart to work and then drive the car to my meeting and my lack of preparedness I think made a few people angry. 

Bart has made the police report and called insurance, but this is a MAJOR inconvenience and just thinking about all I will need to do in regards to this has my mind spinning.  In fact, the whole thing has me exhausted so I'm going to take a nap.  Like right now. 


kellybrodie said...

Claudia, I am so sorry that happened to you in your new neighborhood. Hopefully they will abandon it and the police will find it in good shape. I live near Robbinsdale and have never had any problems with crime. It's just extremely unfortunate that a selfish, thoughtless person had to welcome you to the Twin Cities in that manner. I am so sorry for the aggrevation this has caused you in your already busy life. I love your blog.

Kathleen said...

... and my first thought would be to do a mental inventory on my kids and their whereabouts to determine if one of them had taken it...

I hope you get it back, soon, and in good condition.