Monday, July 09, 2012

Random Details from the Last Few Days

Wow, blogging time just doesn't seem to exist lately.  I find that I am at my computer less -- which is really good for my family -- but when I am at the computer I am getting as much work done as possible.   A lot of my work at the moment is meeting with families and others or making phone calls whereas in the past it has been very computer based.... so that means less time sitting here.  But here are a few details from the last few days.

1.  Thursday was a full day.... meetings, work, etc.  Full but enjoyable.   That night we had some really good friends over -- people who were in our wedding and had a ball!

2.  Friday we headed to Mankato to take Tony to get ready for the missions trip.  We picked up Wilson where he was staying from the fourth and took he and Tony to our former church's assistant pastor where he and Tony were spending the night.    Leon was to join them Saturday morning.  This is a picture of the three of them with the new pastor of our former church.   I know, feels kinda weird.

We also stopped  by to see the very cute Aiden.  I hope he isn't commenting on Grandpa's preaching already.

3.  Saturday morning I spent at a coffee shop trying to get things done.   Life has been SO hectic.  Saturday afternoon we watched a movie (we finally, after having the DVD player for a couple years, have a configuration and internet service (NO MORE CHARTER!!!!!) that allows us to watch Netflicks on the big TV... and with only two kids home there isn't much competition.  That night Courtney and Isaac and Sadie were at our place.    Bart made dinner and then we took Isaac to the park while Courtney went out and Sadie had a friend over from Job Corps.

4.  Sunday was another great day at church followed by a trip down to Burnsville to a reunion for those adopted from Guatemala.  I was not looking forward to having to tell the orphanage director who raised Jimmy and Ricardo for several years of their lives that Ricardo had moved out and wasn't really speaking to us.  However, on the way down for some reason Jimmy was looking at the jail website and saw that Ricardo was in jail too!  So I had to tell her that (I have this truth-telling problem).  Apparently it was a fight and he should be released today, but I guess we'll see.  We also heard that Tessa broke up with Mike and that he might have a new girlfriend, but he really hates it when I blog about him so I am going to stop talking about that.

Here's a picture of Jimmy with Mirna who ran the orphanage for about 30 years before it closed when adoptions from Guatemala ended.

5.  On the way home we had ice cream and it was very fun -- though Isaac totally didn't get the cone thing and used a spoon and made a horrific mess. 
 Another movie last night and the weekend was over.

Back at it this morning -- was at the Y without Kari and that was sad.  Today I get to have back to back lunch/coffee with two Debs and then tonight we're having church folks over for dinner.

So life is full and good and crazy as always.  I have some brilliant blog plosts brewing -- but way too much email to process to be brilliant today.  They will have to wait...  just like Isaac did so patiently for his ice cream yesterday....

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