Friday, August 31, 2012

EXCITED to go to the fair....

If you know me in person you know that I have a bad back. In 1989 when I was playing racquetball -- wow, that was a LONG time ago now, I turned it wrong and ever since it's been a real hassle. It hurts when I stand and when I walk. Never when I sit or lie down. Which may explain why I've been able to achieve such great weight gain since then. :-)

If I push myself through the pain and workout enough to get to a certain weight, the pain lessons.... but with the move and everything else going on that hasn't happened.

Typically when I head to places like a zoo or a museum or ANYTHING that involves walking for more than a few steps, I am filled with dread. I associate it so much with pain that it is never fun for me -- and probably not for anyone who is with me.

This year we invited a new family friend to join us for the day and he suggested that I should just get an electronic scooter. I had never even considered that before but I started to give it some serious thought. I had three choices:

1) I could stay home while my family went to the fair (something I have done often in the past).

2) I could go and hobble my way through, stopping to relieve intense pain every 3-5 minutes, crabby and probably mean to the kids. Wow, that would be so fun for everyone! not.

3) Or, i could be a bit embarrassed by my status, weight, etc. but sit comfortably in a scooter that had a place to put the stuff we bought so we didn't have to all carry it. I could be free of pain and taste all of the wonderful foods that would be waiting for me (yeah, I know, sick isn't it).

I wanted to call this post "My 600 Pound Life" because renting an electronic scooter to eat my way through the fair certainly could seems like footage from that show but I figured it would offend someone and I'm all about not being offensive these days. So I'll just say that I'm excited to go to the fair today. Without pain, it might just be a fun event!

And if you see me there you can still wave. I won't be nearly as embarrassed as I should be.

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Miz Kizzle said...

Have you consulted an orthopedist? Exercise is important. Maybe swimming?