Thursday, September 22, 2016

It's the Little Things

I'm working on a major work project today and don't have time to post this, but I need to share a few of the little things.

1) Dominyk, at the age of 20, can now live alone a few days a week. He can get up, get showered, take a pill, and make it to work on time. I know it doesn't seem like much, but it is huge! The team he works with at PHFS (where I work) reports that he is improving all the time, though the going is slow. He works as a groundskeeper about 30 hours a week and while he has made his mistakes, he is getting better!

2) After 8 years, and 7 attempts, Jimmy passed his permit test today! He finally did what I told him to do and asked to have it read to him and he only missed three. He has money saved for a car so now he will be able to have a license in 3 months and stop relying on others for transportation. I know, for most kids it should have happened years ago. But he hung in there and it is now a success!

3) Tony bought new shoes and foot powder because we were complaining his feet smelled. If you had any idea what a victory that was....

4) My awesome son Leon posted a link on Facebook about watching out for turtles as they cross the road and he posted that he would get out and help them. And that is exactly who he is. He's the guy that would get out of his car to help a turtle. Love that kid.

5) My daughter Mercedes posts on snapchat that she is at the gym at 5 am working out every morning. So proud of her!! She learned that from me? Except she has a much younger, much thinner, much more beautiful body to work with and preserve than I did when I started going to the Y at 5.

6) My daughter Salinda and her two kids moved here and they are doing so well. Gabby loves her school. Several people have generously given us things for her... including the most awesome Barbie mansion ever (including a toilet that sounds like it is flushing and an elevator). She also received 19 barbies and one very happy Ken. Except that he didn't have pants for a while so Gabby wouldn't let him out of the box. But now he has pants and he is allowed to interact with his harem. Carlos is happy as long as he has his cars. And he got a lot for his birthday. Salinda is training this week to work at Olive Garden and likes her coworkers.

7) I am eating meal replacement bars and I have lost 20 pounds in a month. I am pleased.

8) My husband is teaching a class at Averett University that he loves and we are still very much in love with our church.

9) My job is great! I'm loving my position and find it challenging and exciting.

10) God is incredibly good. All the time.

I can't post a link to this to Facebook because I don't want the kids to be embarrassed. How many of you read this when I don't tell Facebook it's here?


Beth in the City said...

I follow you on bloglovin which doesn't require Facebook. I'm also a very introverted non commenter so you don't really know I exist I suppose!

Annehueser said...

I check directly here, not through Facebook. I don't really comment either.

Lee said...

I follow your blog always! So glad things are going so well.