Monday, September 26, 2016

It's Too Much!

So, what's going on with me? I had the stomach flu all weekend. Fun. Not. But it's over now. A quick bug. I got to watch a lot of Netflix.

OK, so as I used to do when I blogged all the time I am going to go down a serious rabbit trail here, so beware!

I watched Cedar Cove ... binge watched it. I had in book form on planes for years and loved them but have you binge watched it? I realized after multiple episodes that the scenes are just too dang short in video format. They shift from sub plot to subplot so rapidly that it makes me tired. And there's just something out of sync about so many doors opening and shutting for 45 second conversations. It makes my head spin sometimes. But it is way better than binge watching scary shows like Lost or Wayward Pines or gross shows like Greys Anatomy where there is blood and tons of sex. On an empty stomach those don't go well. But my head was hurting and I got dizzy trying to count the number of times someone went into Olivia's chambers). Ok, done with rabbit trail.

Today I have something really important to me that I want to share with my reader's on Facebook. I want them to give a small amount to help a little boy I know. I love this kid and I want him to have permanence and I can't tell you anything about the story because it is work related and private. But I have hugged this kid. His face lights up when he sees me. He belongs with his potential parents and we have already overcome so much to get him to where he is now. And I can't share any of the story with you.

I have answers to questions that you might have about the whys and the hows .. and I can't share them, and that's hard for me. But I know that if you knew him, you would find a way to help him stay with these parents forever.

The problem is that Facebook is just crowded with SO MUCH STUFF. So when you really have something that matters a LOT to a few people, you can't compete. You can't compete with the never ending pictures of two political candidates whose faces I have seen more times than any other politicians I can remember (or at least it seems that way(. I can't compete with all the issues of the day that dichotomize society and I have a hard time figuring out how to express any opinion on anything without getting labeled. Why can't I honestly, for example, care about all black people and all police officers at the same time and recognize that sometimes each of those groups have people who do bad things? We are being forced to choose between ridiculous dichotomies by social media. Whether or not I am a Christian is now apparently determined by how I post about issues on Facebook.

Wow, I'm digressing a ton. But you get the point. I have hundreds of friends that if I asked for five bucks they would hand it to me without asking why. How can I get them to see that this is a worthy cause if they won't even read the post because it is buried in so many other links to so many other things?

My news feed is probably overcrowded. I have 1700 plus friends. But there's just too much out there for people to sift through.

Here's the cause....

Go there. Give. Share. Bart and are waiting until we can give more than $15 or $20 but you'll see our names there soon.

Trust me... Let's get this done already and not get stuck on ask questions like "why can't they pay for it on their own?" or "I know lots of people who are adopting, why should I help this kid?"

Let's just do it for the sake of this kid whose eyes light up when he sees me and runs to give me a hug. Because when it comes right down to it, the child is always the point.

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