Sunday, May 07, 2017

Sunday's Saturday Summary

Another week that was fuzzy and strange here at the Fletchers.

Work had it's ups and downs, most unsharable.  And on Thursday I had my back procedure that has been scheduled for a while.  An epidural steroid injection.  It derailed me for days and still is.  Blood sugars over 600 for a day that I barely could lower with insulin.... and I was edgy and jumpy and my mind went blank multiple times.  I was unlike myself and had not filter.  It wasn't fun.   And the sad thing is that I'm not sensing much in regards to pain relief.

Tony seems fine at Jimmy and Rand's for now.  He started a job.   We met Salinda's new male friend who came to church today and then had lunch with us.  Dominyk has moved up to Brookneal.

We are planning to be in Minneapolis in a couple of weeks, but won't have much time there at all and that's disappointing because there are several people that we would like to see.

Gabby has been asked to be part of a gifted and talented program at school (have I told you that) and Carlos has started using the words "Thank you" and "sorry" this week.  He's so cute.

Bart's neck gets increasingly better by the day.   Church was fine this morning (the steroids make it hard for me to focus I guess... I couldn't follow much).   But it's always good to be there.

the content and the organization of this email are indicative of how well I'm doing with steroids in my system.

Impressive eh?

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