Wednesday, August 02, 2017

Ready to Quit?

When was the last time you said to someone else or to yourself, "I quit!"  Was it a relationship,  a job, or an internal struggle that took you to the point that you just couldn't do it any more?

There are times when it is completely necessary to quit.  But there are many times in our lives that we  just need to keep going .... where God is asking for us to endure just a little longer ... when He knows that just around the next bend there is the miracle we have been waiting for.

In Psalm 188, the King James Bible says, "His mercy endureth forever" over and over and over again.  If you are like me you may have memorized that in the KJV or possibly the NIV that says "His love endures forever."  When I was listening to it in The Message it caught my attention because it says, "His love never quits."  And, as you know, those words repeat themselves throughout the chapter.

I started thinking about this verse today in regards to quitting and reminded myself that when I feel like quitting, my motivation can be that God's love never quits.  It never runs out.   It never fails.

And maybe, with his love sustaining me, I can endure.... I can hang in there .... I don't have to quit.

And you don't either :-)

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