Saturday, October 21, 2017

Saturday Summary for October 21, 2017

So....   What has happened this week you ask?  

Let's see.  

Last Saturday we took the afternoon to take the boys to Greensboro.  We planned the day around them but they didn't see it like that.   Sunday was interesting as we worshipped in the Fellowship Hall (pieces of the roof are literally falling down in the sanctuary).

I was in Brookneal from Monday night through Wednesday.  Worked in Lynchburg Monday morning.  Tuesday and Wednesday were packed full of meetings.  Came home for Wednesday night supper and then Thursday drove to a meeting in South Boston. Back up to Lynchburg for meetings yesterday.  Last night Bart took me to dinner and today we ate lunch out.  It's kind of sad that that's our only pastime huh?

On the family front not much happened this week.   Except today Dominyk hit another car with my car.... kinda don't like to let the kids use my car, but once and a while I say yes.

So this is boring.  Really boring.

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