Friday, November 10, 2017

Aren't You Embarrassed?

Well actually, no.   Nothing embarrasses me much.  I am able to do what I think needs to be done even if it involves people unfollowing me on Facebook or calling me annoying or manipulative.    I obviously have a pretty good sense of self.  Very little embarrasses me any more.

There’s a lot of freedom in getting older.   I remember the day when I cared a little bit about what other people thought….. but the combination of being a clergy spouse with twelve kids with special needs kind of ended that for me.   There hasn’t been a day since we adopted our first older child that one of our children hasn’t done something that makes people question our parenting.

My world view, I recognize, is a bit odd and that many of you may believe that I SHOULD be ashamed of a lot of the things that I do and say.  I’m not like everyone else and it’s OK with me that I’m not.

But here is the deal.   Being unashamed of silly or annoying behaviors, personality quirks, or anything that others think should embarrass me might not be wise.  But there is a context in which being unashamed is key… and that is in our relationship with Jesus.

We can live without shame because God has forgiven us through Christ — we don’t need to carry the shame of the past.

We can live without shame when we do things that reflect God’s heart — when we stand against injustice, fight for the rights of the widow and orphan, love fiercely in Jesus’ name.

We can live without shame when we talk about God’s love for us and his redemptive plan in Christ.   We can boldly declare that truth without shame.

There are times when shame might personally give me some social capital and improve my relationships, but not when it comes to being ashamed of my faith….

As Paul said in Romans, 1:16:   For I am not ashamed of the gospel, for it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes

My challenge for all of us is to live unashamedly today.

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