Sunday, August 18, 2019

Need motivation to get more exercise?

Come on now.... you know it's true. Most people need a motivation to get healthier and to exercise. Some people are a little strange -- they actually love it and have lifetime habits. But for the rest of us, we need a motivation other than taking care of ourselves or we would always do it!

As you can probably tell, the #Doit4theKidsDay5K has been that motivation for me. This is the 3rd time that I've participated in the fundraiser, and each time it has been motivating.

The first time I posted everything I ate and every time that I worked out. I know that it annoyed many of you to the point of unfollowing me. The second time, I was trying to go 143 days without stopping but on day 110 our lives fell apart and all the progress I made disappeared.

But I decided to try again. And I decided to do 100 days starting on May 7th. Several people agreed to be part of the challenge, but to my knowledge only 4 of us have prevailed (please correct me if I'm wrong. 

So I'm on day 70 and I have just 30 days to go. So how about joining me for the #best30daychallenge? Here's how it works:

Exercise 20 minutes and then take a selfie or a picture of what you're doing and mention what day it is. If you start today you have 48 days to exercise 30 of them. Not hard, right?

But here's the trick -- or the trap. One of the four people who have kept up with this came up with it after she got behind. She said "I'm going to donate $10.00 for every day short of 100 days I end up when it ends on October 5th"

Isn't that brilliant motivation? So who is up for this challenge? The penalty is a donation to a great cause so it's a win win. You exercise 30 days and you can let everyone else bear the responsibility of supporting this cause. If you miss a day then a $10 donation comes to help with the Vision at PHFS.

And the bonus? The satisfaction of helping me get to day 100 AND knowing you've exercised for 30 days is going to be a great feeling. Let's do this together. 

Everyone understand?

Or maybe you'd just rather donate and skip all this.  That's ok too.  :-). 

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