Thursday, May 12, 2011

Dragging them Through to the End

We still have a month of school. Yes, a whole month. SO those of you who are counting the days... well, imagine my life. I feel like I am literally dragging these kids to the end of the year. They won't turn things in. They won't get out of bed... which means I simply leave them here. It appears that we are having a contest to see who can get the worst grades. I'm very tired of the stress of school -- to the point that I am almost looking forward to summer. I say almost because when school gets out there will be nothing for them to do. At this point Rand is the only one with a job and the rest are saying they aren't interested in sports or other activities. I'm bound and determined to have electronic free hours around here each day, but there are many days with our jobs that neither Bart and I are here.... and Dominyk looses PCA hours on June 30th.

So am I whining or what?

What about you? Dreading or looking forward to sumemr?


GB's Mom said...

So looking forward to summer.

Gloria said...

I'm not looking forward to summer! With four adopted children, two girls both 15 and two boys, ages 14 & 13. It is becoming harder to find something for them to do. One of the girls have a summer job. I plan to get them into summer camps. I will try for electronic free time too to get them off the computer and video games. Know exactly what you are going through.

Anonymous said...

my DD fosterchild turns 18 on Sunday. she's about 12 brain birthdays and refusing to have a plan (even though we've talked about it for 6 months). I've got her 150 pca hours a month but without a plan? I'm not sure that pca's go to the homeless shelter... She's like every 18 year old girl...gotta leave home angry, and like every 12 year old girl...a little too full of herself. There are no dollars for help. No family. No support from the state. NO. I am not looking forward to summer.

Lulu McCabe said...

OMG, yes exactly. Looking forward to it, because after not one, but TWO expulsions this semester, I'm SO OVER the stress and chaos of school. And at the same time, our 17 year-old REFUSES to make any plans for the summer, to accept efforts to help him find a job or enroll in camp. And we are a two-working-parent household. So there are long days when we're both away, and he takes advantage of our absence to indulge his delinquent habits. Tearing my hair.